This 2-DVD set includes:


"Return of the Widow's Son"

plus, you'll get the DVD that started it all

"The Craft of the Widow's Son of Ra"

Compass and T-Square. Symbol of Masonry.

Who are the Masons? 

Where did they come from?


This 2-DVD set will explore the African origins of Freemasonry, give evidence regarding the GRAND LODGES in Ghiza, Luxor, and Sakara thousands of years 
BEFORE SOLOMON.  The CRAFT had an impact on the development of Astrology, Astronomy, Mathematics, Medicine, Music, Majic, Martical Arts and Medicine. 


The Answers Are Inside!

New World Order - Masonic Symbols on Dollar Bill.

Watch this DVD and learn how the name changed, but knowledge remained the same:


The Lodge of Amen Ra (African Lodge) founded in ancient Egypt.


Knights Templar practiced the Craft secretly in Europe.


Scottish Rite, York Rite and Prince Hall come to America.


Illuminati established in Europe - spreads across the globe.


History Detective, Samuel El-Amin, shares a wealth of knowledge and evidence, uncovered over four decades of research:


Reveals rituals, symbols, and orgins of this secret order. 


Shares evidence from China, Japan, South America, Egypt and elsewhere to weave an intricate and detailed story of the orgins and influence of Masons. 


Builds upon the work of his predessesors such as Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Cheik Anta Diop and Dr. John Henrik Clarke.


Traces the Origins of Masons and their various iterations over time.

Skull and Bones on Masonic Apron.

The ORIGINS of MASONS includes the knowledge-filled "Return of the Widow's Son".  Within this 2-DVD set, you will also receive the lesson that started it all: "The Craft of the Widow's Son of Ra". 


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Origins of Masons 2-DVD Set